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Personal / Education

As a native Dallasite, I attended elementary through
high school in DISD. Earning my BA degree from UT
Arlington, afforded me the opportunity to remain in the
DFW area.


After college, I became a teacher with DISD which was
a great start to my career. With a strong focus on
linguists, I obtained a master’s degree in German, as
well as obtained survival skills in Italian and French.


Employment / Professional


Having the opportunity to work in Europe, I provided
executives from European corporations with an
understanding of American business cultures and
practices relative to their industries
The research
and knowledge that I obtained has been useful
throughout my professional career.


After returning to Dallas, I moved to a home in District
12. I joined American Airlines/Sabre, where I worked
for over 15 years. I successfully managed the data
center financials, comprising an annual budget of $160MM and oversight of its 700+ employees.


Fun Fact

During the summer of 2018, I hiked throughout Europe,
enjoying the breath-taking scenery and historical sites.

Community / Civic Efforts


Desiring a career to “pay-it-forward”, I focused my
energies on community service. My efforts include:


⭑   For the past five years, I have served on the City
Planning and Zoning Commission
, representing
District 12. Relevant results comprise:

       o   Fostered a mutually beneficial discussion between
concerned residents and a large car dealership,
building on the northern perimeter of District 12.


       Balancing safety and aesthetics with the added
tax revenue
from the dealership resulted in the
successful outcome.

       o   Contributed to the win-win solution between
eight HOAs, the Shelton School and legal
representation to facilitate Shelton’s move to its
new location on Preston Road.


       o   Devoted many hours to the creation and
implementation of the “Tree Ordinance”, which
focuses on tree preservation and replacement for
clean air and landscape beautification.


    With a focus on crime prevention, I have served as
chairperson of our HOA’s “Volunteers in Patrol”
program for 11 years.


Ensuring we have DPD trained volunteers to
our streets and alleys is vital for
neighborhood safety. I recruit members, monitor
formal training activities and ensure that we
support Dallas Police.


   As Chair of the Cotton Belt Concerned Citizens’
Coalition (2008-present), my efforts have resulted in
agreement from DART to provide a double-gating
at crossings to protect children/pedestrians, a
15-foot-high sound-barrier
and special absorption
materials to minimize vibrations for nearby

   In 2002, I became involved with Crossroads
Community Services, (“CCS”), an independent
Dallas Morning News charity.


CCS provides low income individuals with clothing,
nutritious groceries and skills necessary for
sustained success. I taught financial/budgeting
skills as well as distributed food and clothing.

   As a member of the Dallas County Master
Gardeners. I planted bulbs/shrubs and hauled water
for the new plants in the Preston Trail Green Belt in
District 12.

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