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For over 10 years, I have listened to your issues and needs.  I have developed productive relationships with residents, our first responders, as well as city and DART officials to ensure your voices are heard. My qualifications to serve you, the residents of District 12, include, but are not limited to:

  • Effective leadership experience

    • Financial/Budget

    • Diversity

  • Demonstrated commitment

    • Over 10 years of public service focusing on District 12 issues

    • Proven results for District 12

  • Defined platform, focusing on your concerns

Based upon my knowledge of District 12 and the City of Dallas, as well as my years of experience serving you, my platform includes:


  • Ensure Dallas continues to recruit the best qualified candidates for police and fire. “A balance between ample police and fire, combined with quality.”

  • Provide state-of-the art equipment and training to ensure officers’ safety.  “I have ridden with officers in multiple districts and this continues to be of upmost concern.”

  • Lead discussions with officers and our communities to improve relationships. “Open communication is critical to success."

  • Compensation: Keep pay competitive with surrounding cities and stabilize first responders’ pension plans.

  • Track DART's construction of the Cotton Belt Line to ensure that commitments to the City of Dallas, and to its residents are delivered as promised. DART to provide double-gating at crossings for safety, a 15-foot-high sound-barrier and special absorption measures to minimize vibrations for nearby residents.

  • Evaluate and prioritize critical street and alley repairs.

  • Collaborate with DART to improve operational efficiency and provide citizens the best possible service.

  • Advocate for neighborhood rights. Fostered a successful outcome between concerned residents and a large car dealership building in District 12; balancing safety and aesthetics with the added tax revenue from the dealership.

  • Promote transparency on utility bills and insist that providers justify any requests for rate increases.

  • Quality education in a secure environment. District 12 is comprised of three school districts and several private schools, safety is a key component of a quality education.   

  • Improve recreation facilities/parks in North Dallas, including options for seniors. Serving on the City Planning and Zoning Commission listening to you.  Worked on the Preston Trail Green Belt, which runs through District 12.   

  • Identify and implement cost saving opportunities. Over 15 years of successful budget management, eliminating outdated and unneeded expenses, re-purposing dollars to meet current needs.  

  • Ensure that economic developments and incentives provide optimum return on investment for the City of Dallas and its taxpayers. Sufficient due-diligence prior to a financial incentive being offered and ongoing monitoring of the expected outcome is sound financial practice.

  • Insist on standard accounting and independent audit procedures to prevent reckless expenditures.

As your representative, I will continue to focus on your top priorities.  Please vote for me as your District 12 Dallas City Council representative.